Our Product

It is a “ROOF or GROUND MOUNTED” Grid connected system wherein electricity is produced by harnessing power from the sun through solar panels and converts it from DC to AC power via inverters. After which, it is integrated right away into the electric grid there by reducing dramatically the electric consumption of the structure.


Our Product

It is a PV system wherein the solar panels are connected to a Battery or a Generator to produce power. This is mainly used in areas without permanent power supply from utility company.


Our Product

Is a combination of both the “ON-GRID and OFF GRID”. This system is connected to the utility grid at the same time coupled with a battery or genset to still produce power at night or if there is power outage.

Additional Features

Part of the system is the “Monitoring App” which can downloaded to your mobile phone or PC, wherein the output can be monitored real time anywhere in the world as long as you’re connected to the internet. It will also send a notification to your email once a problem is detected.
Another benefit of having a solar grid tie system is the “Net Metering Scheme”, wherein a household or commercial user having a system below 100kW can apply for an interconnection agreement with your utility company. Any excess power coming from solar can be sent back to the grid and be credited to
your monthly bill.