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Solar Energy Basics

Why go solar?

Because solar energy is clean and renewable. A solar electric system can not only lower the cost of your electricity bills, but also reduces the negative impact on the environment. Photo Voltaic (PV) modules have no moving or wearing parts and requires no maintenance other than occasional cleaning.

What are the benefits of solar power?

PV technology has many benefits. It's quiet, clean source of energy requiring minimal maintenance and lasts for years. It also directly contributes to reduction in greenhouse gases.

What are photo voltaic?

Photovoltaic technology (PV) uses solar cells to convert sunlight directly into electricity. PV modules consist of semiconducting material that absorbs sunlight in a way that frees electrons from atoms. Electricity is produced as the electrons flow through the semiconducting material. A group of PV modules are typically combined in an array to generate electricity for a single structure.

Do PV modules work on cloudy or rainy days?

Yes, because PV modules generate electricity from any spectre of light not heat.

Solar Electric (PV) Technology

How do PV modules convert sunlight into electricity?

Solar panels are made from thin layers of silicon, a semiconductor material that absorbs the sun rays and turns them into electricity. When photons from the sun hit the photovoltaic cells in a solar panel, electrons in the solar cells are knocked loose from their atom, allowing the electron to flow freely. Solar cells force these electrons to flow in a certain direction along a wire, creating a current, which is then drawn off the cell to create electricity that powers your home or business. 

What does renewable energy mean?

Our planet has a limited supply of fossil fuels, like petroleum, coal, and natural gas, and this suppply will someday run out if we continue to use these traditional energy sources like we are today, in addition to being non-renewable, fossil fuels emit harmful greenhouse gases into the environment. Renewable energy refers to energy that is generated from a renewable source, in other words that does not have a limited supply like the sun and the wind, or any other source that does not pollute.

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